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Cellular Blinds

What are Cellular/Honeycomb blinds?

Cellular blinds, also known as Honeycomb blinds due to their appearance, are window coverings which are used to block or filter light and create a barrier between the window and the room which traps air insulating the room to help save energy. The blind is usually hung and operated vertically, either raising from the bottom or lowering from the top. Visually beautiful, cellular blinds have individual rows of cells which create a pleated appearance from the front.

Not only do cellular blinds offer a variety of innovative operating systems and design options for ultimate light and privacy and child safety, they also provide the perfect balance of style and function.

Innovative, beautiful and energy efficient, Sunway’s range of honeycomb cellular blinds represent the ultimate in window coverings.

Energy Efficiency

Want to save up to 32%* on your heating costs?

Cellular blinds are designed with a unique honeycomb shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation. This helps to prevent heat energy from entering or leaving your home through your windows, improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both winter and summer.

Ultimate Child Safe Solution

Cords used to open and close blinds present a hazard to young children and need to be secured at all times out of reach from little hands. Sunway cellular blinds offer innovative cordless operating options enhance the safety of children and pets.

Original Design

No other cellular product in the market compares to the quality that Sunway Cellular Shades have perfected pioneering the honeycomb concept over 30 years ago.

Total Blockout

The cellular blinds headrail has been cleverly designed to ensure minimal light gaps and when paired with a blockout cellular fabric, gives you complete blockout control.

Innovative Operating Options

Versatile range of innovative lifting systems suitable for various window styles including skylights and shapes.

Easy Maintenance

Made from anti-static durable, polyester that aids in the resistance of dust, Sunway Cellular fabrics are easy maintenance and fabrics constructed with the unique D-Cell design ensures pleat retention.

Sunway Cellular blinds offers a versatile range of innovative lifting systems suitable for various window styles including skylights and shaped windows.


Traditional operation featuring a cord locking mechanism to control the position of the shade.

  • Slimline headrail
  • Available with all design options




Continuous cord loop system to raise or lower large shades.

  • Light and smooth handling for larger blinds
  • Spring-loaded cord tensioner keeps cords neatly out of the way
  • Child safe as prevents hazards from loose cords



Cordless lifting system for raising and lowering at the touch of a finger – the ultimate in child safety.

  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Easy & smooth handling
  • Clean, modern look with no cords

Lite Rise


Lift and Lock

A patented cordless system that locks the shade into position, offering enhanced child safety. Operated by a press button control in the bottomrail.

  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Easy & smooth handling
  • Compatible with all fabric options
  • Designer bottomrail
  • Easy levelling adjustment

SmartMotion Motorisation

SmartMotion is a quiet battery motorisation system allowing your Cellular Blind to be operated with no hard wiring or electrician required.

  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Clean look with no cords
  • Save on electrician costs
  • Operates with Alkaline batteries or DC power supply
  • Control with remote or wireless wall switch
  • Easily maintain by replacing AA batteries (without removing the window covering in most cases)



Sunway Cellular blinds are ideal for windows on sloping walls or hard-to-reach windows.


Shaped Windows

Cellular fabrics can cover virtually any shape of a window such as circles, triangles or sloping sides.

Sunway cellular blinds are available in a variety of design options. Certain design options can only be used with certain operating options.

Duette Operating


Shade raises from the bottom. Compatible with:

  • CordLock
  • EasyRise
  • LiteRise
  • Motorised
  • Skylight


Shade lowers from the top. Compatible with:

  • CordLock


Shade can be adjusted from both top and bottom. Compatible with:

  • CordLock
  • EasyRise
  • LiteRise


One shade combining two fabric opacities. Compatible with:

  • CordLock
  • EasyRise
  • LiteRise
  • Duette Operating

Sunway Cellular Fabrics are available in a range of colours, cell sizes and opacities. 

Customise your Sunway honeycomb blind from a selection of three opacity levels: blockout, translucent and sheer to suit your indoor lighting and privacy requirements.


Blockout fabrics are the ultimate in day and night privacy, providing optimal light control and total darkening capabilities. They are best suited to rooms where complete light screening is the top priority.


Perfect for kitchens and family rooms, translucent fabrics soften harsh light in interior spaces and provide daytime privacy while allowing natural illumination for ambience.


Sheer fabrics diffuse harsh light while still letting you enjoy the view. They are a perfect choice for any room that requires glare reduction but does not require total privacy.

Duette Shade