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Vertical Blinds

What are Vertical blinds?

Typically used as window or door coverings that hang vertically with individual blades from top to bottom. Vertical blinds are operated by drawing them from side to side or rotating the blades. This type of blind is less prone to dust and can be faster to operate over wide spaces. Vertical blinds are best suited for doors and windows that also operate from side to side, such as sliding doors to the outdoors or floor to ceiling windows.



Sunway Vertical Blinds feature the EOS® Helix Vertical System. This system contains a wide range of operations and capabilities for smooth blind control and lighting flexibility.

Design & Functionality

Sunway Vertical Blinds offer a contemporary headrail design and practical design for windows and sliding doors.

Smooth Operating Control

Control light and privacy easily using your own choice of tilting mechanism. Available in two operating options: Chain and Cord or Traversing Wand.

Light Control

Vertical fabric blades can be easily tilted to control natural light and desired level of privacy. Simply tilt the blades shut to offer total privacy with a Sunway blockout fabric.

Stacking Options

Vertical blinds can be easily stacked to the left, right, centre, or split stacked down the centre depending on your requirements. This is great for allowing full view through or access to the doors.

Unique Window

The EOS® Helix Vertical System provides a flexible solution for large sloping and irregular shaped windows.

Customise Your Look

Choose from blockout, translucent and sheer fabric in a wide range of colours and textures to suit your home interior style and needs.

Custom Fit

Sunway Vertical blinds are custom made to fit you window, large doors or other openings.

Control light and privacy easily using your own choice of tilting mechanism. Available in two operating options: Chain and Cord or Traversing Wand.

Chain & Cord Operation

Standard vertical blind operation with a beaded chain to tilt the louvres and a cord to move and stack the blades along the track.

Traversing Wand Operation

A child safe solution, the traversing wand allows for simple operation. Glide the wand across the track to open or close the blinds, or spin the wand to tilt the fabric blades. With earless weights, the traversing wand control provides a cordless solution for complete and simple child safety.

Sunway Vertical Blinds are available in a range of colours, textures and opacities. 

Customise your Sunway roller blind from a selection of two opacity levels; blockout and  translucent,  to suit your indoor lighting and privacy requirements.


Blockout fabrics are the ultimate in day and night privacy, providing optimal light control and darkening capabilities. They are best suited to rooms where complete light screening is the top priority


Perfect for kitchens and family rooms, translucent fabrics soften harsh light in interior spaces and provide daytime privacy, while allowing natural illumination for ambience.