Blockout blinds
14 August 2015

Benefits of blockout blinds

If you’re looking to install new blinds in your home, or to modernise your current window fittings, why not consider blockout blinds? Blockout blinds are best known for their ability to control the amount of light entering a room, but they offer other benefits as well.

Protection from sun and heat

Perhaps the most notable benefit of blockout blinds is their ability to entirely block both natural and artificial light. Although not all rooms will require the light-blocking ability of these blinds, they can be especially effective in the following areas:

  • Bedrooms, especially those of young children or shift workers who may be sleeping during daytime hours.
  • Home theatre rooms, home offices, and studies, where screen glare can be an issue.
  • Rooms with large windows that receive direct light or rooms where heat and glare can become an issue, especially in summer.

Noise control

In addition to blocking out heat and light, blockout blinds can also help prevent noise from entering and leaving a room, reducing distractions and ambient sound.

Although the thickness of many blockout blinds will help insulate against unwanted noise, cellular blinds are especially efficient at doing so.

This is because the cell design of these blinds creates a “dead spot” that sound waves struggle to travel through, effectively deadening noise and acting as a form of soundproofing.

This can be a great benefit in noisy rooms such as home theatres or living rooms, or in bedrooms where quiet is essential.

Greater privacy

Although even sheer blinds can provide sufficient privacy during daytime, many types of blinds become less effective when the lights are switched on at night.

The opaque nature of these blinds ensures that not only will your privacy be protected during daylight hours, but that you’ll be able to enjoy your evenings without concerns about whether neighbours or passers-by are able to see into your home.

Lower household running costs

The insulating nature of these blinds means that they’ll help trap in heat during winter and reflect heat during summer, leading to less reliance on heating and air conditioning.

Additionally, by cutting excess glare and light from your rooms, blockout blinds may also allow you to reduce the brightness of screens and other devices in your home, potentially reducing your electricity bills.

Blockout blinds are a great way to keep unwanted light, glare and noise out of your most important living spaces – and may even save you money on your utility bills.

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