Cellular Blind with Blockout
Cellular LiteRise Blind with Blockout
05 October 2017

The beauty of cellular blinds

It’s said that great design occurs at the intersection of form and function. If that’s the case, then cellular blinds are design exemplars. Stylish, durable and energy-efficient, they help modulate light in your home while looking elegant – and saving on your energy bills. Let’s look at why these modern window coverings are so desirable.

Insulating properties of cellular blinds

Cellular blinds consist of a series of “cells” – pockets of air – that offer excellent insulating properties. These help offer insulation from the elements, trapping heat in the winter and blocking it in the summer.

The result? Better moderated temperatures year-round and less reliance on heating and cooling appliances. The air pockets found in cellular shades also help with blocking noise, giving your home additional peace and quiet.

Raising and lowering options for blinds

Cellular window coverings can be installed, raised and lowered in a number of ways. You can opt for a traditional cord-based blind that raises from the bottom, or options that raise and lower from both bottom and top. Cord-free options provide a child-safe, modern look – and motorised varieties offer additional ease.

Transparency options in shades

Cellular blinds are available in a variety of R-Values – an index that measures the amount of light blocked by the shade. This means that you can select the right kind of transparency for a given room. Choose from sheer, transparent or opaque options to meet your light and privacy needs while maintaining an overall design aesthetic. With R-Values of up to 8, cellular blinds can provide a high degree of light blocking, making them a great choice for rooms that receive direct sunlight.

Ease of cleaning with cellular blinds

Cellular blinds have been crafted with modern living in mind. Constructed from high quality, durable fabrics with no seams, holes or dust-trapping textures, they’re easy to maintain. Simply dust them down, apply a vacuum cleaner to them, and sponge off any stains.

Cellular blinds – a stylish choice

Modern cellular window coverings are available in a wealth of colours, fabrics and textures – whatever the style of your home, there’s a cellular blind to suit.

Because they’re subtle and streamlined, they can be combined with existing window coverings, or installed on their own to visually appealing effect.

Additionally, cellular shades offer a versatile fit and can be cut to suit both standard and unusual window dimensions – no matter your design needs; you’ll be able to ensure a great fit.

Versatile, streamlined and highly effective, cellular blinds are a much-welcomed advancement in modern window coverings. Not only do they help reduce your energy costs, but they offer privacy, light-blocking and a stylish visual appeal.

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