Child Safe Window Coverings

When selecting new window coverings for your home, child safety should be the most important consideration.

Cords used to open and close blinds present a hazard to young children and need to be secured at all times and out of reach from little hands.

At Sunway, style and safety go hand in hand with cord and chain child safe options available across all of our interior window coverings.

What are the best Child Safe blinds?

Blinds free from cords or chain offer the ultimate in child safety as there are no dangling hazards for children or pets. At Sunway we have options across all of our interior window coverings including motorised cellular shades or roller blinds, cordless cellular blind options, effortless light lift roller blinds or wand control vertical blinds.

If you want to go one step further, try a motorised solution and automate with our NeoSmart Home Automation Hub.

Are there any blinds that aren’t Child Safe?

All Sunway blinds are compliant with child safety regulation when installed correctly using tensioner devices to secure loose cords and chains out of reach from little hands. All Sunway window coverings come with:

  • Child Safety Warning Swing Tags
  • Safety Cord Cleats or Chain Tensioners for corded/chain operated window coverings

The components used to make Sunway blinds are tested to be durable and safe, so regardless of the option you choose you can have peace of mind you’re purchasing a high-quality product that will last for years to come.

Child Safety Tips

To help ensure the well-being and safety of your children and pets, we have collated some simple tips for you.

Correct Installation

Ensure your chain or corded window coverings comply with government regulations, so when installed, check for the


  1. Installed with warning label swing tags to remind you of dangers to children. Although unslightly this so not be removed.
  2. Installed with the approved chain/cord tensioner or cord cleat that secures the chain or cord out of reach from little hands.
Safe Surroundings

Move anything a young child can sit in, stand-in, or climb on away from windows that have cords or chains. These include cots, highchairs, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and bookshelves.

TIP: Also check for loose or looped cords that your child can reach from the floor or by climbing on furniture.

Opt For No Cords Or Chains

When selecting your window covering, opt for operating systems which don’t require cords or chains such as the Light Lift roller blind option or the Cellular Cordless option as shown here.

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