19 October 2015

Five gifts to give yourself this Christmas

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is really not very far away.

While kids have had their present lists for Santa ready for months, if you’re a busy parent, or hard-working individual or couple, you probably haven’t had time to think about what you’d like to add to your own Christmas wish list.

Chances are that you’ll be hosting a Christmas party for family and friends come December, so why not give a gift to yourself and make it something for the home?

Not only will you get something you will continue to use and enjoy every day, but you’ll spruce up your home and impress your guests as well.

1. Rugs, runners and mats

Being on your feet all day is par for the course for hosts at Christmas time. Give your feet a rest by picking up a soft rug or mat for the kitchen or living area. You’ll feel better for it, and your home will get a cheerful decorative boost.

2. Cookbooks and cocktail recipe guides

Not sure what to serve your guests? Run out to the local bookshop and pick up some recipe books and cocktail recipe guides for a bit of inspiration. These are a guilt-free small-ticket item that you’ll get plenty of use from.

3. Table linens and coasters

Add some pizzazz to your Christmas event with some stylish new placemats, coasters and cloth serviettes. These will add a pop of colour to the day’s proceedings, and will reduce the risk of spills and stains – letting you focus on enjoying the day.

4. Serving platters and cookware

If you’re planning a multi-course meal for your Christmas event, add some new cookware, serving platters or glasses to your wish list. Your guests will love the added appeal of food plated with a touch of style, and you’ll get plenty of use out of these items for years – and Christmases – to come.

5. Window coverings

Chances are that Christmas Day is going to be bright, sunny and hot. What better time to invest in some modern window coverings for your home? New blinds are a great way to add some contemporary flair to your surroundings, while also helping to block out the heat and glare associated with those long summer days.
And there’s no time you’ll appreciate that more than when you’ve got the oven on high cooking a turkey and pudding in the middle of summer!

If you haven’t had a chance to put together your Christmas wish list yet, take a few moments to think about a present or two for yourself and your home – they’re all gifts you won’t regret when the day rolls around.

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