12 October 2015

Five ways to brighten your home for spring

With winter in retreat at last, now’s the perfect time to welcome spring with some cheery decorating tips that brighten up your home ready for the warm, sunny weather to come.

1. De-clutter… and spring clean

For a light and airy feel that comes with an added sense of personal accomplishment, make de-cluttering your first port of call. Now is the perfect time to go through your cupboards, wardrobes and cabinets to cull those unwanted, unused and dated items. Follow up your de-cluttering efforts with a deep clean – with that layer of wintry grime gone, your house will instantly appear brighter.

2. Switch up your textiles with pastels and brights

Winter weather calls for warm throws and heavy blankets in deep, rich colours, with the result being a cosy feel. By swapping out your winter textiles and linens for lighter fabrics and brighter colours, you’ll instantly liven up your home. Opt for brightly patterned cushions and soft cotton throws, cheerful bedspreads, and bathroom and kitchen textiles that offer a pop of colour.

3. Bring your garden inside

Spring is synonymous with new growth, so why not make the most of it? Take cuttings of fruit blossoms and seasonal flowers and arrange them in vases or small bowls around the house, set up small herb planters in the kitchen, and splurge on new houseplants or the occasional bouquet from the florist. Don’t be afraid to combine form with function – bright citrus fruits can work as statement pieces when stacked in a glass vessel, and they’ll also be on hand ready to use in dressings or as garnishes for mixed drinks.

4. Liven up your walls

Your walls provide the backdrop for the rest of your home’s decor, so show them a little TLC. Bright paintings or pictures can offer an instant boost, especially when in eye-catching feature frames. Mirrors help capture sunlight, with the result being a room that’s instantly lighter and brighter. If you’re feeling particularly bold, get out the paint rollers and add some visual flair with a bright new feature wall.

5. Get a clean, fresh look with modern blinds

Make the most of the forthcoming sunny days by updating your window treatments. Functional and attractive, modern blinds are a great option not only for letting in the sunlight you’ve been longing for all winter, but also for adding a superb finishing touch to your decorative efforts. They come in a choice of materials and cool pastel colours perfect for spring and summer.

Do away with the winter doldrums by channelling the bright, cheerful vibe of spring in your redecorating efforts, and you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy the sunny months to come.

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