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29 September 2015

Four ways to brighten up a tired kitchen

The kitchen has long been acknowledged as the centrepiece of the home. They are a place that most of us spend a lot of time in, cooking, socialising and relaxing. And with the popularity of open-plan designs, they are also highly visible.

A dated kitchen doesn’t exactly inspire when you’re trying to cook up a storm for a family gathering or host a fancy dinner party for friends. Fortunately, brightening up a tired kitchen doesn’t have to involve an expensive structural overhaul. Here are four easy ways to refresh the heart of your home.

1: A fresh colour scheme

Adding colour is one way to add immediate visual pop to a tired kitchen. Think light, bright tones on walls, and consider replacing the splashback with something more modern and on-trend.

Kitchen appliances and cookware are also available in a host of colours now, allowing you to brighten up your bench tops without breaking the bank.

Consider having brightly coloured pots and pans on display, and if you’re looking at purchasing new appliances, you can get enameled toasters, mixers and kettles in everything from black to hot pink and mint green these days.

2: Cabinets and bench tops

Cabinets and bench tops are common culprits when it comes to dark or drab kitchens. If your kitchen is an older one, chances are it features dark, heavy cabinets and matte bench tops that seem to absorb light.

Replacing cabinet doors and drawers with modern finishes can change the look of your whole kitchen. If wholesale replacement is out of your budget, consider refinishing, staining or repainting – or even just incorporating new handles.

New light coloured counter tops will also give an immediate visual boost, especially if you go for granite, marble or Caesarstone. Contemporary laminates can provide a bright, appealing effect for those on a budget.

3: Rethink your lighting

Lighting can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Fluorescents can provide an industrial feel, while old-fashioned pendant lights are perfect for a homier touch. Take a modern approach to lighting with spaced downlights, and consider strategically placed recessed lighting to counter darker spots such as beneath cabinets or above ranges.

4: Switch up your textiles

Add that finishing touch to your kitchen makeover by changing out your textiles. This can be as simple as investing in new tea towels, stool cushions and table linens. Mats or rugs can soften the look of tiled kitchens, while also being comfortable underfoot during meal preparation.

And no textile update is complete without a refresh of your window coveringsSheer fabric vertical blinds or roller blinds can help to brighten your kitchen, let in additional light while maintaining privacy, and come in a variety of colours and textures to suit any décor.

It’s time to get to it

Whether you opt for a kitchen-wide overhaul or simple but effective fixes such as fresh paint and sheer fabric blinds, transforming your kitchen into a space that inspires can be simple and easy.

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