30 August 2017

Five things you didn’t know about roman blinds

Roman blinds remain a perennial favourite when it comes to window coverings. Their origins may be ancient, but they’re still a great choice for modern blinds. If you’re considering roman blinds as your window covering of choice, perhaps these five facts about roman blinds will help you make that final decision.

1. They hark from ancient Rome

The ancient Romans gave us roads, plumbing, underfloor heating – and roman blinds. In a world where vacuum cleaners hadn’t yet been invented, roads were unsealed, and construction was always on the go, dust flew in abundance. Ever the inventors, the Romans dipped sheets of fabric into water and hung them from their windows, keeping dust at bay and creating a type of low-tech air conditioning.

2. They meant big business

Romans were famous for their mercantile ways, and roman blinds were an easily monetised invention, according to architecture and interior design site Feng Swish. Who wouldn’t want to be able to live dust-free, and safe from their neighbours’ prying eyes? Roman homemakers leapt on to the design trend, and soon there was demand for mass-market production of the blinds in a host of different patterns, colours and fabrics. We bet that roman blinds would have made the front cover of ancient Rome’s equivalent of Vogue Living.

3. They were multitaskers

Freedom from dust was one benefit of roman blinds, and privacy to go about daily tasks another. But roman blinds had yet another important advantage – they helped block out the sun. Today’s roman blinds have improved in leaps and bounds upon the invention of the ancient Romans, with block-out options and fabrics with improved heat resistance.

4. They can be customised

Perhaps because of their historic origins, we generally associate roman blinds with textured cloth. But modern roman blinds can be made from just about any material – including wood and contemporary cellular fabric. The combination of their simple design and new technology means that it’s easy to adapt your roman blinds to your needs and your décor – custom made blinds are increasingly popular.

5. They’re low-maintenance

This is probably unsurprising given that the origins of roman blinds lie in trying to keep life simple and undisturbed, but Roman blinds are a breeze to install and maintain.

A contractor can quickly and easily put them up, and a quick brush or wipe-down keeps them in good shape.

If you like the idea of modern blinds that have a bit of history behind them, then roman blinds are the way to go.

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