24 February 2016

Modern window treatments for glass patio or sliding doors

Large windows and glass doors are great ways to maximise the view and let as much light as possible into your home.

Fortunately, modern blinds have come a long way since old-fashioned Venetians were your main option for large expanses of glass.

Here are some of our favourite ways to dress up floor-to-ceiling windows, and glass patio or sliding doors.

Sheer panels

Stylish sheer panels are a great option for either modern or traditional décor. They come in a variety of colours, including deep blue, red, grey and shades of brown – which according to colour company Pantone are on-trend for 2016. Usually crafted with a gentle weave, they can soften large panels of glass and reduce the impact of direct sunlight, without interfering with your view or loss of privacy.

Over the top

Don’t want to move your blinds out of the way each time you want to enjoy your backyard? Consider a short valance-style treatment placed towards the top of your patio or sliding glass door. This approach lets you minimise glare when the sun is at its zenith, without making it a challenge to get outside.

Layers and layers

Want to regularly change your window treatments to stay on trend, without spending a fortune? Opt for a dual-layer approach. Choose modern blinds in a soft discreet shade for practicality, and layer fabrics over the top.

Consider florals and patterns for a shabby chic or beachy look, or crisp whites for modern appeal. This approach enables you to easily change up the curtain fabric when the mood strikes, while your blinds provide a neutral base, and do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the practical control of light and privacy.

Go for contrast

If your windows are framed by wood or eye-catching decorative elements, consider a treatment that offers contrast – becoming a feature in its own right. Dark shades can offer appealing contrast against white-painted wood, while pale neutrals are striking against dark wooden frames. Texture can also add contrast, think a chunky weave or smooth linen fabric against dark timber, for example.

Where there’s a window there’s a way! By getting creative with your glass patio or sliding doors and large window treatments, you can maximise your outdoor views while blocking glare and keeping your privacy intact. And if you have large areas of glass in your home, why not consider custom made blinds from Sunway?

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