06 October 2017

Five things you need to know about blockout shades

Blinds, let’s face it, used to be bland. But we’re fortunate now to be able to choose a variety of shades with both function and style in mind. Blockout blinds have become increasingly popular, and they are a wonderful option for a number of reasons. If you are looking to purchase new window coverings for the home, here are five things you should know about blackout shades. 


1. Blockout shades aren’t just for babies

There are many people who would have first heard about blockout blinds when they became new parents, with many a guidebook or fellow parent extolling their virtues. Designed to block out all natural light when closed, blockout blinds are of course incredibly useful to help babies and young children sleep during the day. However they are by no means just for babies. Shift workers, late-risers and anyone with a window that catches the early light can benefit from these practical window coverings.


2. They aren’t just for the bedroom

Blockout shades can be used to provide complete darkness and/or privacy, so they can work equally well in other rooms such as the lounge room. If you want to block out all light while watching a movie or want full privacy at any time during the day, they can be a great option.


3. They aren’t beige

Some people who come into our showroom except blockout blinds to all be the same. Blockout fabric is generally thick and tightly woven, but it does also come in a range of textures, patterns and colours. Whether you want a colour fleck, a tweed-type texture, a smooth silky finish or the look of linen, there is a range to suit. And colour isn’t limited to beige. Pale, neutral and bold palettes are all covered.


4. They are green

And no, we’re not talking a particular hue. The thickness and opacity of blockout fabrics doesn’t just help keep light out, it may also help minimise outside sounds, retain heat in winter and keep the home cool in summer. As such, blockout blinds may be a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for the home.


5. They aren’t all the same

As with any type of fabric, the quality may vary immensely from one manufacturer to the next. Our blind fabrics are of the utmost quality, being not only durable, but also engineered to withstand stains, fading and even odour absorption. Our blockout blinds are made to order to fit your windows perfectly. And they are designed to last for many years.


The right choice

Blockout fabrics may be used in a number of blind styles, and crafted to suit your décor and practical needs. There are a number of fabric ranges to choose from, so it’s often best if you can visit a showroom to see – and feel – the fabrics first hand. We have years of experience so are also on hand to offer our tips on finding the perfect blackout blinds.

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