05 October 2017

How to select the right colour for your blinds

Decorating is a lot of fun, but the prospect of making the wrong decision can also be daunting. The right blinds will not only perform a primary function (offering shade and privacy), they also play a pivotal role in your design scheme. When choosing colour for blinds, you do need to take a few things into consideration.

Blind basics

The first step is to finalise what style you want – traditional pull blinds or energy-efficient honeycomb blinds. Both options come in three fabric types – blockouttranslucent and sheer, each with particular features. Bedrooms and lounges may benefit from blockout blinds, which can effectively shut out all light and provide full privacy. You might opt for translucent blinds in a street-facing kitchen so that you retain privacy but allow light to enter. And sheer fabrics can be the perfect option for a room with a view.


Overall style

When deciding on blind colour, think about your home’s overall style. A beach house tends to suit a light and casual décor in cool tones. A rustic or country property will often look great in more earthy shades. And modern blinds in strong colours can be perfect for contemporary homes. You may also have a defined personal style, be it sleek and stylish, bohemian or classic. The overall theme, décor and style all play a role in the choice of blind.


Setting a mood and setting a scene

Sometimes particular rooms require a certain mood. Many people like bedrooms to be haven of calm, and so opt for pale colours. Another option is to coordinate blinds with colour accents, so when making your decision you might think about the tones or textures of your sofa, a major artwork or rug. Colour can effectively set a mood or set a scene.


Size matters

The size of your rooms may impact on your choice of colour. As a general rule, light blinds in a large room will emphasize the large size. If you want to make it seem warmer and cosier, opt for warmer shades. Conversely, dark blinds in a dark room can emphasise its small dimensions. Neutral colours can be a good option in both cases. The size of your windows is another factor. If they are a focal point, then colour can help to create definition, and make a dramatic impact. Don’t want to draw attention to your windows? Opt for lighter or neutral shades.


The final choice

While neutral colours tend to be viewed as safer choices, the final decision is personal. Do bear in mind that traditional doesn’t always mean dull (think texture for pale tones) and bold doesn’t have to be garish (a deep blue-grey or charcoal can look incredibly stylish).

A good trick is to bring photos of your room into the showroom. If you’re still unsure, we’d be happy to help you narrow your focus and find the perfect colour blinds for your home.

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