27 June 2018

3 Tips for Keeping your House Cosy through the Winter

Living in the sunburnt country we often focus on our summers and ways to keep our homes cool when it is melting outside. Let’s not forget that the temperature can dip from mild to very cold in the winter months, which we can often be unprepared for.
Here are Sunway’s 3 tips for making your home feel cosy all through the cold months!


Whether it’s a fresh homemade pie, a chunky soup, or some slowly roasted veggies, cooking hearty winter meals fills the home with warm aromas (as well as the oven helping to heat your kitchen!) that actually provide a sense of relief from the cold, and rainy weather!

A delicious serve of a stew such as Jamie Oliver’s mushroom bourguignon fills the home with nothing but delicious scents – and bonus – it contains that other winter warmer, red wine.


Ever had the house closed up and still felt like the cold air was getting in? Interior designer Claire Potter recommends going around the home to look for sneaky gaps where air can get in.

Some simple fixes can be covering doggie doors, cat flaps, getting under-door wind barriers, and for some homes even checking locks and keyholes. “It’s amazing how even a small draught can make a room a lot colder, so if you can cut that bit of air out it immediately makes a difference,” says Potter.


One of the biggest heat losses of a home can be windows. To help keep your house cosy through the winter the right window covering helps keep the cold out and heat in, as well as controlling light and glare. During the day you want as much light as possible, however thin blinds can also let the heat out. Sunway’s Cellular blinds have clever insulating pockets which trap heat and help to insulate, so a translucent or sheer cellular blind can give you lots of light whilst keeping warmth inside.

Another advantage of shades that allow some light through is that whoever is first home can turn some lights on inside and the shades will turn this light into an inviting glow that you will see as you come home.

With these 3 tips, you won’t want to leave the house all winter! Along with the obvious (cuddling up with a hot drink and a good book on the couch!) your home will feel warm and be inviting throughout the cool days and nights, and any guests will feel more comfortable the instant they walk in.

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