12 August 2015

Four practical tips for choosing the right blinds

Choosing the right blinds can make a huge difference to the look of your home – and your quality of living when it comes to ease of use and privacy.

Here are our top four things to think about when selecting blinds for your home.

1. Consider the size and type of your windows

Just as people should dress for their body type, windows look best dressed in blinds that suit them. Very tall or wide windows may require blinds to be installed on a ceiling rail, and can be particularly well suited to multiple cellular blinds or vertical blinds that can be easily run along the length of a room.

Unusual windows, such as round porthole-style ones, require custom window blinds to show them off to best effect. Feature windows may need blinds with opaque fabric that offers some privacy, without blocking the view.

2. Your light blocking requirements

Rooms that get a lot of direct sun or that you typically spend time in during high-glare periods such as sunset will require blinds that help block out as much light as possible.

Other rooms that may have high light blocking requirements include:

  • Rooms with glossy surfaces, such as kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Rooms with digital screens, such as entertainment rooms or studies.
  • Children’s bedrooms, particularly those of very young children.

In these areas, you may wish to consider light-deflecting options such as cellular blinds, which are noted for their ability to block out harsh light – and to provide privacy.

3. Ease of operation and frequency of use

Manually operated blinds can be appropriate for small windows or for rooms such as guest bedrooms, bathrooms, attic rooms or other rooms where opening and closing blinds won’t be a daily occurrence.

On the other hand, motorised blinds can be an efficient time-saver in the following contexts:

  • Rooms where your family spends a lot of time.
  • Rooms where there are large windows.
  • Rooms where light levels need to be constantly adjusted to reduce glare on screens.

4. Think about the look you want and your existing décor

The type of blinds you choose will also depend on the overall look you want to achieve, and the style of your home. Crisp cellular blinds work brilliantly for contemporary houses for example, offering a streamlined modern look, coupled with options for different levels of light and privacy.

Fabric roll-up blinds can soften interiors, while blocking light and providing insulation. There are also extensive options when it comes to fabric for vertical blinds, which means they can fit into just about any colour scheme.

In choosing the right blinds, it’s important to keep style, ease of use, privacy and sun protection in mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that are both beautiful and practical.

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