02 March 2016

Five ways window shades can be a fashion statement

The clothes maketh the man, goes the common saying – and when it comes to home décor, window shades can make a fashion statement of their own.

Offering a blend of form and function not always seen in other types of decorative elements, modern window coverings can take the appearance of your home up a notch while keeping the sun and heat at bay and maintaining your privacy.

Here are five ways window coverings can be a fashion statement in your home.

1. Minimalist

Current home décor trends are all about simple, clean forms – and keeping things as unfussy as possible. But crisp can easily become cold. Window shades are a simple and effective way of softening the look of an ultra- modern home by adding texture and colour, while still embodying the straight- forward style of today’s minimalist trends.

2. Mid-century modern

Vintage never goes out of style, and mid-century modern décor with a Scandinavian edge is all the rage. Simple woods and metals and block-colour textiles in rich colours pair perfectly for windows.

3. Marriage of modern and traditional

Modern window coverings can offer a surprising complement to more traditional décor. With a crisp neutral backdrop on your windows, it’s possible to go all out with other more ornate elements such as furniture without the whole look becoming overwhelming.

Modern window coverings come in a range of styles, including traditional Roman shades, practical and discreet roller blinds or minimalist panel blinds that allow you to mix the contemporary with the traditional to bold effect.

4. Shades as features

Feature walls are ebbing in popularity, but window shades can provide bright pops of colour. You can even mix and match the colours of the shades in different rooms for a vibrant effect.

5. Contrast and translucency

Make a statement with modern window coverings that contrast in colour or texture from the rest of your furnishings – for example, an all-white kitchen becomes even more striking against a backdrop of black shades. Do your windows have beautiful views? Translucent blinds can make the view a living artwork, while maintaining your privacy.

Modern window coverings marry aesthetic appeal with function, whatever your preferred decorative approach. Use window shades as a backdrop, a feature in their own right, or as a way to tie together the décor of your home, and you’ll have the most fashionable interior around!

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