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03 September 2015

A guide to updating windows in an older home

You can completely transform older homes by updating the windows and window coverings. Updating windows and window coverings not only enhances the appearance of your home, it can also make it more energy efficient, which can save you money in the long run.

Where do you start?

The first steps are to decide on your budget, and whether you will repair your windows or replace them. Instead of replacing an older wooden window, for example, you might update it with new weather stripping. If you replace your windows, you can go with like-for-like, or choose something completely different in terms of style and materials. For example, you might decide to replace a sliding window with a new casement window, for more ventilation. You might look at replacing wooden frames with something that requires less maintenance.

Choose your materials

You can choose different materials for windows, including wood, aluminium and vinyl. Wooden frames offer an authentic, classic look. Vinyl windows are available in a range of colours and require less maintenance than wood. Aluminium windows are durable, while providing improvements in energy efficiency.

The type of glass you choose for your windows depends on your budget and also your location in terms of the climate and insulation requirements. Single-pane glass is cheaper, but is really only suitable in very mild climates. Double-pane windows reduce heat loss. Triple-pane windows are fantastic for very cold climates, or for homes facing busy streets to reduce noise levels. When it comes to the insulating properties of windows, look for a high R value, and a low U value.

Pick a style

If you are replacing your windows, you can choose to change the style as well as the materials. You might incorporate French doors instead of a window, use casement windows which open like doors and offer lots of ventilation, or use sliding windows which offer unobstructed views when they are closed.

Modern window coverings

This is where the fun comes into the process! Modern window coverings, such as blinds, provide another layer of insulation, allow for the control of light and privacy, and add flair to your overall décor, transforming the space. You can choose classic or modern blinds in a range of colours, textures and opacities. Blinds made with cellular fabric also have extra insulating properties.

Though updating the windows in your old home can be a big task, doing so offers benefits that can far outweigh the effort, especially when it comes to increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

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