21 May 2015

Choosing blinds for large windows, sliding & bi-fold doors

If you have large windows that take advantage of spectacular views, or huge sliding or bi-fold doors that allow for easy access to outdoor entertaining areas, it can be a challenge to find the right blinds. But before you resort to cumbersome and unattractive awnings, take a look at these solutions.

Choosing blinds for large windows

Feature windows that take up an entire wall or extend over multiple storeys might once have been unusual, but are now increasingly common in homes, and their modern design calls for modern window coverings.

If you have floor to ceiling windows and there’s little room for blinds to “stack back” when retracted, a cellular blind can be ideal. Cellular fabric can provide privacy, while achieving a modern, contemporary look and the cellular blind system features a compact head rail allowing the blind to be retracted to a minimal stack size.

Choosing blinds for sliding doors

Glass sliding doors are often very large, taking up space from wall to wall, and from floor to ceiling.

Some of the issues that arise when installing blinds for sliding doors are:

  •  The lack of space between the top of the door and the ceiling.
  •  That one side of the sliding door retracts over the other when opened.

The lack of clearance space above the doors may rule out the use of venetian blinds or roman blinds, which require overhead room in order to be fully retracted. Consider using vertical blinds, panel blinds or roller blinds instead.

These don’t require large amounts of space above or on either side of the door, and their design means that they can sit lightly on top of the doors without interfering with their function.

Choosing blinds for bi-fold doors

Sleek bi-fold or French doors are a popular design inclusion in contemporary homes. They allow seamless movement between inside and outside space, and have a fairly small footprint upon opening.

Some of the issues that arise when installing blinds for bi-fold doors are:

  • The mechanics of bi-fold doors, which fold in half when opening.
  • The fact that bi-fold doors typically only have a small window panel.

Roller blinds are one option for bi-fold doors, as when retracted they won’t interfere with the action of the door.

Panel blinds made up of a series of “stackable” fabric sections are another option for bi-folds. They can open and close neatly along with your bi-folds, without interfering when you open and close the doors.

With so many modern window coverings available, choosing blinds for your large windows, bi-fold doors or sliding doors doesn’t have to be difficult.

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