07 September 2015

Five safety features every home should have

Children are curious by nature, and that curiosity can lead to bumps, bruises and worse in a home that isn’t properly child-proofed

From gates through to child-safe modern blinds, here are some of the safety features every home should have in order to help keep little ones out of harm’s way.

Power socket covers

Power points are typically positioned low to the ground – making them highly visible to young children, and therefore a source of interest.

Plastic covers that fit over power points are inexpensive, and easy to install.

When purchasing power point covers, ensure that they’re difficult for children to remove from the socket, and make sure that they don’t pose a choking hazard.

Safety latches and door locks

Safety latches on kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboards are a simple measure to prevent young children from getting their hands on dangerous household substances and sharp or breakable items. Locks on doors and gates are also essential in making sure children don’t find themselves somewhere they shouldn’t be!

Safety gates for stairs

Stairs pose a risk for children. Child-proof safety gates that can only be unlatched by adults can save children from a tumble and potential injury.

These can be installed at the top or base of stairs, or even near doorways, patios or verandahs with step-up entrances.

Opt for gates that are secured in place by screws, rather than those that are secured by pressure alone.

Guards and padding

Small fingers have a habit of getting jammed, and delicate heads seem to make a beeline towards sharp corners.

Strip guards can be installed in doorframes to prevent jamming. Padding is also available for sharp corners, such as those on coffee tables, in order to avoid bumps and bruises.

Child-safe modern blinds

Window blinds with dangling cords can pose a choking or strangulation risk for young children.

Although common in older blinds, modern blinds very rarely feature dangling cords, and are typically made to stringent safety standards.

If your home incorporates old-fashioned blinds, cord wraps are an option for keeping cords out of reach; cutting cord loops can also be an option. However, where possible, modern blinds or custom-made blinds should be considered in the name of providing a child-safe environment.

With today’s technology and improved safety awareness, it’s easier than ever to reduce potential risks in the home, and keep children safer.

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