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25 August 2015

Five ways to update your home décor on a budget

Updating your home décor doesn’t have to mean breaking the budget. Whether you just need a change, you’re putting your house on the market, or Christmas is at your place this year, a new look can work wonders. Here are five cost-effective and easy interior makeover ideas for inspiration.

1. Window coverings

Window covers are one of the easiest cosmetic aspects of your home to change. Replacing old-fashioned or tatty window coverings can instantly update the look of a room, and offer practical benefits in terms of better insulation and ease of use.

Consider whether your main priority is to let light in or create privacy, in order to choose block out, translucent or sheer window covering fabrics. Honeycomb blinds are ideal for large or hard-to-reach windows, and provide the budget-saving bonus of helping to maintain your home’s internal temperature. Modern blinds can also be far more functional than older styles, and can even be motorised for large floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. Add colour with new paint

Nothing updates a tired interior faster than a new coat of paint. And even if you don’t want to repaint your whole home, you can give a room a new look with a splash of vibrant colour on a feature wall, or a contrasting colour on trims. You can also repaint bookshelves and side tables for a fresher look.

3. Rethink storage and declutter

Clutter builds up over time, and you can often simply stop noticing overstuffed shelves, excess furniture and that overflowing spare room.

Look at each room with a keen eye and remove items of furniture that you no longer use regularly, and excess books and knick knacks stuffed on shelves and tables.

If you can’t part with certain items, invest in new storage, such as coffee tables with storage underneath and decorative cupboards that can hide clutter. Think about adding more shelving as well.

4. Update your accessories

Cushions, rugs and lamps can completely transform the look of your rooms. Keeping accessories to a minimum, and making sure they’re functional and attractive, is the key to updating your space without adding more clutter.

Choose a colour scheme for all your accessories, so the look ties together throughout your home. You can either buy new accessories if you shop around for bargains, or update what you already have with new season colours and textures.

Replace the shades on existing lamps, the covers on your cushions, and the pots for your indoor plants, for example.

5. Streamline each room

Streamlining the appearance of each of your rooms can instantly create a contemporary look. Take a look at the containers, appliances or kitchenware on display in your kitchen. Put everything away, except for items that create a uniform appearance, either in colour or style. Instantly transform your bathroom by matching toothbrush holders and soap dispensers with towels and bathmats.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to get a great result when updating your home décor. These five tips can help you add vibrancy and freshness, without breaking the budget.

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