01 June 2015

Handy Interior Design apps for re-decorating

With a wealth of interior design apps available for both Apple and Android devices, it’s never been easier to gather and even test out new home decorating ideas.

Interior design apps make decorating easy, from giving you access to the latest looks and trends for inspiration, to allowing you to see how colours will work in your home. You can test out different paint swatches, and experiment with colours for floor and window covers, all without the risk of making a costly mistake! Thanks to these apps, any missteps are just a matter of hitting the “undo” button.

Here are four to try out.

The Houzz interior design app

Possibly the best-known general interior design app on the market, Houzz is a pocket-sized bundle of inspiration for decorators.

Featuring thousands of amateur and professional photos of inspiring apartments and houses decorated in every style and colour imaginable, it’s a must-have app if you’re looking for an all-in-one scrapbook of design ideas.

With Houzz, users can browse and upload photos organised by size, budget, style and room, create idea books, and even make purchases.

Sun Seeker: 3D augmented reality app

Of course, even the greatest design ideas need to take into account factors such as the sun.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, Sun Seeker is designed to track the sun’s paths in both summer and winter, measuring the height and angle at any given hour of the day, and the projected shadow lengths.

It’s a handy way to visualise where and when the sun’s rays will enter your home, so you can tailor your window covers accordingly, depending on whether you want to allow the sun in or block it out.

The ColorChange iPhone app

The photo-editing ColorChange iPhone app allows you to take a photo of any room, and then manipulate all the colours within that image. It can help you visualise how different coloured carpets, window covers, fixtures and furniture will look. You can use it to check how colours will work together, and experiment with shades you might never ordinarily try.

With the ColorChange app, you’ll never have to worry about making a bad colour choice.

The Dulux Visualizer app

Working well in complement with the ColorChange iPhone app, the Dulux Visualizer app uses augmented reality technology to let you see a room painted in any colour – in real time.

Using the camera function of your phone, the app pans your current setting, and overlays the Dulux paint colours of your choosing with a simple tap of the screen.

It’s a great way to experiment with bold wall tones that will contrast with or match your window coverings, or to narrow down a palette quickly – and you can even order paint testers from within the app.

When it comes to showing your home in the best light, don’t resort to trial and error. Using interior decorating apps can help you make an informed decision, with much less time and effort!

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