RollerBlind Opacities
14 May 2018

How to choose the right light control for your home

Whatever style blinds you choose, opacity is an important feature you need to consider for each and every room. Each opacity option has different levels of light and privacy control. On any given day, the light shifting across your windows is extremely varied, so your level of control is the key to a perfect blind and fabric choice.

There are 3 different levels of opacity for blinds: Blockout, Translucent and Sheer. These options are available for Roller Blinds, Cellular blinds or Vertical Blinds.

Different rooms in your house will have different fabric needs, depending on how much light needs to be blocked and the level of privacy required. Choosing which suits you is as simple as understanding what you plan to use the room for. The Sunway Interior and Cellular blinds collections are each available in 3 opacity options:

RollerBlind Opacities
Roller Blinds with (left to right) Blockout, Translucent, and Sheer Fabric.

Blockout blinds have the most opaque fabric and are the best for stopping light or noise getting into a room, this makes them ideal for bedrooms.  To get the best possible nights rest the experts recommend a quiet dark room.  A blockout opacity would help to achieve the best room darkening possible.

Blockout blinds come in a range of interior fabrics or in a cellular option, which is perfect for adding extra insulation to your bedroom window. The air pockets that make cellular fabrics good for insulation also help to keep noise out, so cellular blinds in blockout fabrics are perfect for bedrooms facing the street or for people who like to sleep in.

Cellular Motorised in Blockout
Room styled with Blockout Cellular blinds.


Translucent fabric gently filters light but maintains your privacy. Because of this, they are good for living areas that get a lot of natural light and also for bathrooms. Sunlight was once known as ‘the best of disinfectants’, and whilst that statement is a bit of a stretch against today’s options, it does help to keep damp areas dry along with regular ventilation, again a big winner for bathrooms and kitchens.

Like the blockouts, translucent fabrics are available across our collection of Roller Blinds, Cellular blinds or Vertical Blinds.

Cellular LiteRise Blind with Translucent
Room styled with Translucent Cellular blinds.


Sheer blinds allow you to see through them while cutting down on glare from harsh sunlight. They’re ideal for living rooms, as usually the place we all like to entertain and relax, has a nice big window, sliding door or some connection to the outdoors. Whether it’s to enjoy the view or relax with some warm natural light, a Sheer fabric will let you have the best view through whilst removing the glare. Sheer blinds are recommended from windows away from street view as they provide only minimal privacy unless paired with a blockout for a dual day/night solution.

Sheer fabrics are available across our collection of Roller Blinds, Cellular blinds or Vertical Blinds.

Room styled with Sheer Roller Blinds.


So now that you know what your opacity options are, and the differences between them, you can work out which will suit the various rooms in your home and select your style from Sunway.

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